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dammar, damar, dammer, gum dammar

A naturally occurring resin; useful in paints and varnishes because of its light color.
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Before joining Insparisk, Dammers served us New York Regional Manager and later as Training, Codes and Safety Officer at Handi-Lift Inc.
It is very beneficial that Dammer and JeBing generally note divergences and differences from Macropedius in the commentary on Sachs, thereby providing the first steps in the direction of further comparative studies.
Material covered in textbooks on the criminal justice system, as well as on comparative justice systems around the world evolve around these three sub agencies (see for example, Schmalleger, 2006, Samaha, 2005, Fairchild and Dammer, 2001, Terrill, 1999).
SPECIALS legend Jerry Dammers has been recognised at Coventry's 2-Tone Museum for his services to the city's music scene.
JERRY DAMMERS (sponsored by Dave 'Hatter' Johnston) It's impossible to underestimate Jerry Dammer's influence on the Coventry music scene, it was his vision and stroke of genius that formed The Specials and indeed The 2-Tone Record label.
But Jerry Dammers, the Coventry group's creator and writer of such original classics as Ghost Town and Too Much Too Young, has taken no part in the revival since the band reunited in 2009.
And although he holds out a vague hope of working with Dammers again ("never say never"), the likelihood of that happening appears slim.
They are Tony Elvin and Edward Holland, general managers of Touchwood shopping centre and the Crowne Plaza hotel respectively; Core Theatre manager Lawrence Smith; Mark Birch, commercial sales executive with A-Plan Insurance; and Amanda Dammers, head of the John Lewis branch in Solihull.
Jerry Dammers and Sir Horace Gentleman (aka Horace Panter) both played with The Specials, whose hits like Ghost Town, Too Much Too Young, Rat Race and A Message To You Rudy put them at the forefront of the British ska scene.
The Selecter were also on the bill for the city's six-and-ahalf hour fundraiser, which raised PS3,200 and saw 15 of Coventry's finest bands perform, including Terry Hall and The Colourfield, and former Specials keyboard player Jerry Dammers, who stepped in as DJ.
The musical line-up included Jerry Dammers, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Judge Jules, Don Letts, Craig Charles and Asian Dub Foundation.