damp-proof membrane

membrane waterproofing

A membrane applied to a surface to make it impervious to water.
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When laying a floor over concrete, you're going to need a damp-proof membrane, to stop moisture coming through.
The study revealed that all the sampled professionals considered the failure to use damp-proof membrane as the main cause of rising damp with a total weight of 163 and a Relative Important Index (RII) of 0.836.
Our insulated bases are built on a solid concrete slab topped with a highly efficient damp-proof membrane that stops moisture from below; or a joist-based wooden floor where needed.
This is probably caused by a faulty damp-proof membrane or a leaking pipe.
Sub-floors such as concrete, asphalt, vinyl, quarry or similar tiled should be covered first with a plastic-film moisture barrier (a damp-proof membrane), in addition to any dampproof course that may be present in the sub-floor."
A: It's probably a leaky pipe or a faulty damp-proof membrane underneath the concrete.
The 100x50mm timber frame is overlaid with a damp-proof membrane, timber cladding outside, plasterboard inside.
As an extra precaution against damp, you'll need a damp-proof membrane, which should be trapped between the base and walls of the shed at a later stage.
It consists of a damp-proof membrane RS Dampshield F, resin primer Resuprime FH, high-build floor coating Resutop FH and self-smoothing epoxy screed Resuflor FH.
A Due to the age of the house there will be no cavity wall and the damp-proof membrane will be made of slate to prevent rising damp.
Where the concrete base slab is direct to ground it should be adequately protected from rising damp by a damp-proof membrane. Where the existing concrete base still contains excess water or is not protected against rising damp then a surface damp-proof membrane will be required.
The firm is the leading independent supplier of damp-proof membrane in the UK and has been providing services to the building industry since 1848.