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Channegowda and John [8] used a damping resistor to reduce LCL-filter resonance; although this was successful, damping resistor power losses were high enough to affect inverter efficiency.
The first one is to detect the current of filter capacitor and generate a virtual damping resistor [17]-[18].
[L.sub.S], R and [Z.sub.L] are respectively grid equivalent inductor, damping resistor and load.
A resonant peak exists and can be weakened by damping resistor R.
It should be noted that the damping resistor [R.sub.p] is imposed on to a value of 5.3k[ohm] to obtain a quality factor Q = 34.
Using the same value for the damping resistor (5.3k[ohm]), the antenna circuit is tuned by adding manually values for [C.sub.s] and [C.sub.p].
Although analyzing the [absolute value of [S.sub.11]] parameter reveals the same frequency response (13.56MHz), changes in value for the damping resistor invokes changes in bandwidth (4), (5).
Capacitor-rated contactors with damping resistors reduce back-to-back switching currents.