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"In February this year they drilled in through the wall and found the insulation was wet and said that's what's been causing the dampness.
Complaint James Henderson believes dampness is threatening his health 290319DAMP_01
Hitting out The mum , pictured in her living room, says the dampness is making her children unwell
However, a person with a lot of "dampness and heat" (Shi-Re) is usually short-tempered and often presents with an oily and acned face.
She added: "Vents were then put into Fay's cupboard but it still didn't solve the problem and the dampness started spreading to the bottom landing at the front door.
Home owners across the world are adopting waterproofing to protect their home against leakage and dampness.
Stewart John Smith AIT'S dampness. Spiders go to damp places because they have a similar smell to the scent of a female spider.
People with balanced constitution are generally easygoing and cheerful and do not suffer easily from disease, with strong adaptability to natural and social environment, while the phlegm-dampness constitution, formed due to the accumulation of phlegm and dampness, is characterized by fat posture, flabby abdomen, sticky mouth, and greasy coating on the tongue.
Hence, we hypothesize that dampness syndrome is the common syndrome in CHD and CRF and we would like to pursue the nature of dampness syndromes in patients with CHD and CRF since very few data is available.
As additional studies were published, a WHO report (4) provided stronger conclusions about these associations and considered dampness as a probable cause of new asthma onset as well as exacerbating preexisting asthma.
wheat shipment that has recently arrived at the port of Aqaba suffered dampness that led to some mold growth, according to Director-General of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr.
The studies carried out in recent years in European countries, Canada and the United States indicate that on average 20% of residential premises exhibit some signs of dampness [1].