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any insect of the order Odonata, which also includes the damselfly. Members of this order are generally large predatory insects and characteristically have chewing mouthparts and four membranous, net-veined wings; they undergo complete metamorphosis.
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Andy Grabham, from Stockton, caught 22 fish on nymphs, including Olive Damsel.
Tom Russell jnr from Earlston had a great session, catching 15 fish, including a 9lb brown trout; Rob Frame from West Denton and Tom Snowdon from Cramlington each caught 14; Robert Hopper from Durham caught 13; Julian Bales from Wooler caught 12 and A Byers from Bonchester Bridge kept four and returned five using buzzers and damsel nymphs.
The best fish of the week has been a 9lb rainbow taken from the bank at Cocks Close - a fish that fell for a Damsel Nymph fished on a floating line.
As written, she's merely a fantasy figure, a damsel in distress for our heroic geek to save and thus empower all those powerless adolescent boys in the audience who don't get to go to the prom with a porn star.
All the trappings of fantasy are here: a feisty damsel in distress, treachery and betrayal, narrow escapes, villains who tend to blather on about their villainy (thus setting themselves up for defeat) and of course the heroes who overcome impossible odds.
Top tactic: Floating lines and an ultra-slow retrieve of GRHE, Damsel, olive and buzzer nymphs.
It was a great chance to stretch my performance abilities to play an empowered action-hero and not your average damsel in distress.
25lb and most caught near the dam on damsel nymph or black tadpole pattern flies.
Paul Bell from Fenham returned 10 trout caught on an Olive Damsel.
The Middlesbrough ace caught the smaller one on an orange and brown Damsel pattern and then on the next cast tempted the bigger one on the same fly.
Our distressed damsel is a poor, plain and not very bright 18-year-old New Hampshire-ite named, well, Alice.
RAVENSTHORPE: Damsel nymph variations accounted for rainbows of 6-14, 6-8 and 6-1 in a week that saw 82 anglers log 341 fish (av 4.