sprung floor

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resilient floor

A wood floor, laid on battens, having the quality of springiness (e.g., a floor supported by spring clips); especially used as a dance floor, gymnasium floor, etc.
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The balloon drop showered audience who were on dance floor.
This legendary dance floor has since become an important icon in pop culture that will forever be linked with one of the greatest dance performances in film history.
the dance them, is He had them up on the stage, he was on the dance floor with them, and some were dressed as mini Elvis Presleys.
Both companies share similar core values and see the opportunity to immediately impact market share by having Forbes Industries represent our patented portable dance floors exclusively.
PROFESSIONALS: For all those who excel on the dance floor there are plenty who struggle to achieve any kind of rhythm at all
com, the researchers found that twenty percent of the scuffles occurred on the dance floor.
The celebrities will battle it out on the dance floor in front of a panel of esteemed judges including Emmerdale's Charlie Hardwick.
There are no hard and fast rules, but it is clear that female dancers tend towards shock absorption--without any 'sponginess'--whereas the men appreciate a dance floor with more 'spring' for their often more energetic choreography.
Around 12 midnight, two employees of the company went to the DJ's console and asked him to stop the music, following which those on the dance floor got annoyed.
Unable to stay seated for a moment longer, he jumps up with his eyes firmly on the dance floor.
G Project, Beirut Biloma, Jannat etcC* These are amazing Dance floor hits
A WOMAN suffered serious head and neck injuries after she was beaten up on a nightclub dance floor by a female reveller.