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excessive flaking of skin from the scalp, apparent as dry or greasy diffuse scaling with variable itching. It is the sign of a skin disease, such as seborrhea or a fungal infection. Treatment requires the use of shampoos containing pyrithione zinc, selenium sulfide, sulfur and salicylic acid, or tar shampoo used daily until the dandruff is under control.



grayish white scaly material that is desquamated from the epidermis of the scalp. The formation of dandruff may be a normal occurrence or a symptom of such skin diseases as seborrhea.


Scales of dry sebum formed on the scalp in seborrhea.


loose scales of dry dead skin shed from the scalp
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Anti-dandruff shampoos often contain selenium which, used too often, irritates the scalp, making dandruff worse.
Furthermore, the in vivo study of DANDRILYS demonstrated that it reduced dandruff quantity by as much as 67 percent after the first application of the shampoo that contained 2.
6) For instance, demodex was found to be present in 100% of patients with cylindrical dandruff on their eyelashes--a pathognomonic sign of demodex infestation (Figure 2)--but also in 22% of those with clean lashes.
Send your favorite homespun dandruff cure to the address below.
People with dandruff may also experience irritation, itching and redness on the scalp.
Shampoos and other dandruff treatments contain anti-fungal agents, but researchers say that new medicines are badly needed since the two existing compounds are not very effective at preventing and treating dandruff.
As to the dandruff problem, I suggest you try a dandruff shampoo like Kerastase Gommage shampoo, pictured, to treat it.
Daily use of an over-the-counter (OTC) dandruff shampoo and carefully following the product's directions, should help get rid of dandruff.
Specifically, 70% of the respondents suffer from inflammation, 30% from dandruff, and 20% from rashes.
Defending the shampoo, Procter & Gamble said that, used regularly, it could remove 100% of dandruff flakes visible to another person from a distance of two feet.
Percentage of the world's population who apply to be test subjects for dandruff remedies who actually qualify, according to Hill Top Research: 24
A man was yesterday jailed for 15 years for carrying out an armed robbery 11 years ago after dandruff linked him directly to the crime.