danse macabre

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danse macabre:

see Death, Dance ofDeath, Dance of,
or danse macabre
, originally a 14th-century morality poem. The poem was a dialogue between Death and representatives of all classes from the Pope down. By the 15th cent., pictorial representation with verses illustrating the pictures became common.
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danse macabre

Dance of Death; procession of all on their way to the grave. [Art: Osborne, 299–300, 677]
See: Death

Danse Macabre

Saint-Saëns’ musical depiction of a dance of the dead. [Music Hist.: Thompson, 1906]
See: Horror
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In Holbein's cycle the emphasis has shifted from the processional "dance" of Death to a depiction of Death as it intrudes more explicitly into the lives of individuals in their everyday world, becoming an interloper into the professional worlds of a Pope, King, Doctor, Lawyer, Soldier, Farmer, Peddler, and others.(20) Perhaps as a result, the accompanying biblical passages and textual elaborations develop somewhat more than Marchant's Danse the theme of professional sin, a theme Glissenti would develop fully.(21) In both a discrete danse macabre (the fourteenth novella) and throughout the work, Glissenti's text and its engravers greatly develop this motif of grounding Death in the realm of professional experience (see figs.
Clown as well as King tell the same inescapable truth; it is the same memento rnori that is spoken by both the transi tomb and the danse macabre. Richard II, confronting his own private universal truth conjures both transi and the danse when he reflects that:
Several features of the danse macabre images, the Badius devices, and Durer's drawing make it feasible to approach them as something akin to models, as McCarty defines the term, rather than simply as representations of a piece of technology.
I believe the world will learn this bitter lesson again as "animal spirits" run amok in China's stock market (danse macabre).
She won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Mystery Story, and several awards for her dark fantasy writing and editing, including the Paris Book Festival's Best Anthology of the Year for Danse Macabre.
Chapter Three focuses on an exploration of how manuscripts formed part of the visual medieval world, for example the displaying of the now lost Danse macabre at St Paul's Cathedral, which John Stow's Survey of London corroborates.
Her shadow remains clearly etched on the pavement where she used to walk, in a kind of death march, in a simulacrum of the danse macabre, back and forth, back and forth, so as to soak up the last of the sunlight, to breathe in the last sweet draft of life.
Sandman collaborator and comic book artist Jill Thompson takes over in Chapter 5 as Gaiman's ghosts perform the Macabray reminiscent of Saint Saens' Danse Macabre. Her art is celebratory as ghosts and humans mingle.
She brings an endearing lyricism to the more foursquare Saint-Saens songs (concluding with a driving performance of the original vocal version of his famous "Danse macabre"), and her tone and phrasing in the lovely Hahn songs, with their gently -flowing accompaniments, are exquisite.
Their topics include demons and mental disorder in late medieval medicine, signs of mental disorder in late medieval visual evidence, demonic possession as physical and mental disturbance in the later medieval canonization processes, a comparison of mental disorders in Occitan and Swedish remedy collections, mental attitudes in and to the medieval Danse Macabre, and effects of the living dead in medieval Iceland.
Marker's heavily manipulated black-and-white images are interwoven with the poem's text in a danse macabre populated with figures striated and effaced in postproduction so that they float like ghosts through a penumbral ether.
The Green Table, with the subtitle "a Danse Macabre in Eight Scenes, Created Between Two Wars as a Memorial for the Unknown," entered the Joffrey Ballet repertory in 1967.