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(organic chemistry)


A notch in a timber for receiving another timber or into which the head of a pile is fitted.


(1) (Distributed APp) See DApp.

(2) (Directory Access Protocol) A protocol used to gain access to an X.500 directory listing. See LDAP. See also DAAP.

(3) (Digital Audio Player) See digital music player.
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To enjoy the fantastic experience of dapping, what you need first of all is a light 15 foot telescopic dapping rod which can be bought for as little as PS50, a spool of floss, a box of large bushy dapping flies and some liquid flotant.
It's an exciting and non-demanding way of fishing because you don't actually cast, but let your dapping floss billow out in front of you to dance a dapping fly on the surface.
You just let the wind billow out the dapping floss in front of the boat, all the time tripping your live insects or imitations over the waves.