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(organic chemistry)
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A notch in a timber for receiving another timber or into which the head of a pile is fitted.
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(1) (Distributed APp) See dApp.

(2) (Directory Access Protocol) A protocol used to gain access to an X.500 directory listing. See LDAP. See also DAAP.

(3) (Digital Audio Player) See digital music player.

(4) See digital audio processor.
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University Sains Malaysia's Sivamurugan Pandian said that DAP grassroots are emerging and leaders at the top needed to find vehicles to interact via programs and activities which people like Pua may have failed to do.
'Although DAP has become mainstream party or ruling party, the grassroots leaders want their leaders to infuse party struggle in themselves and not to neglect their mindset including in making major decision for the party such as selection of candidate, party activities etc,' he added.
The possible contributions of the food supply to DAP in urine have been given virtually no scientific consideration.
DAP in urine is the sum of metabolites from trace OP residue in the food and preformed DAP from produce.
In the party polls, he was reelected as CEC member and reappointed as DAP organising secretary, while at the same time, being a member of DAP Election Bureau and Pakatan Rakyat Bureau.
It is speculated that DAP Socialist Youth (Dapsy) chief Wong Kah Woh will leave his Canning state seat for newcomer and Perak Dapsy secretary Jenny Choy to contest while he takes over the Ipoh Timor federal seat from Thomas Su.
Perak DAP economic development bureau chief Chong Zhemin, who was believed to be contesting the Keranji state seat, may replace the party's state chairman, Nga Kor Ming in Taiping.