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Caption: Then-COA Chair Charlene Cariou, center, thanks student poster winners Jackie Mesenbrink, left, and Darnel Howlett, right.
The seed-fungus of Lolium temulentum, L., the Darnel. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci, 1904; 196: 1-27.
Gerard describes the effect of Darnel poisoning as resembling '…falling intoxication, followed by the vomiting, verbal nonsense, tremors and finally the bloody flux'.
It's her, pregnant and sweating, and Helen, and Darnel, her ex.
(39) The passage is in fact a pastiche, with borrowings from Shakespeare (Burgundy in Henry V laments the 'darnel, hemlock, and rank fumitory' (v.
This is why he often quoted one of the Bishop of Hippo's phrases: These two cities perplexae quippe sunt; are absolutely interwoven, like the parable of the wheat and the darnel in the gospel.
In Darnel's Case, (44) this view's paradigm case, King Charles I imprisoned more than seventy knights and gentlemen who had refused to contribute to the king's "forced loan" strategy to fund war with Spain and France.
Darnel Francis has worn daily disposable contact lenses for 16 years.
HUET Alan On Tuesday Nov 24, 2015, Alan passed suddenly but peacefully away at home, aged 70 years; beloved son of the late Bobby and Nancy, dearly loved brother of the late Geraldine, loving uncle of Stephen, Darnel and Becky.
Selden's argument in Darnel's Case (1627) 3 St Tr 1, 16-19
For centuries, peasants leaped over bonfires with accompaniment of song, ale and courtship, in spring, mid-summer and fall, all to combat smut, rust, darnel, and rinderpest.