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see punctuationpunctuation
[Lat.,=point], the use of special signs in writing to clarify how words are used; the term also refers to the signs themselves. In every language, besides the sounds of the words that are strung together there are other features, such as tone, accent, and pauses,
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a punctuation mark in the form of a straight horizontal line (—). In the European writing systems, it has a space at either side.

In Russian punctuation, the dash indicates a pause between words or parts of a sentence. It is also used to emphasize intonations in written dialogue that are caused by the emotionality of utterances, and is used between a subject and predicate to replace a copula. In addition, the dash separates direct speech and introductory words from the rest of the sentence and separates coordinating conjunctions to emphasize contrast. The dash must be distinguished from the hyphen.


A flight made at a very high, or near maximum permissible, speed without taking into consideration high fuel consumption. A dash may be made in enemy territory at very low heights, ignoring high fuel consumption temporarily.
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Water fell softly on Dasher while he wagged his tail and began his two-hour spa and grooming experience with BarkPark.
Dasher's family watched from the truck's clear glass window.
A stress-free pet grooming experience might be an exceptional tale for some, but Dasher's family is one of the few who wielded a secret weapon: BarkPark.
BarkPark interior with DasherBarkPark interior with Dasher
Dasher, a Siberian Husky, gets a two-hour pampering inside the BarkPark mini truck.
Dasher would take about an hour and a half before his spa session ends.
After Dasher's soapy shower, he is moved to the grooming table for a blow dry.
The groomer patiently brushed Dasher's fur, gently calling out his name and telling him to smile for the camera.
When the mini snowstorm inside the truck finally ended, along with the nail clipping and ear cleaning, Dasher's day was capped off with a spray of perfume and a dash of powder.
With the spa session done, Dasher hopped off the truck looking handsome, fresh, and squeaky clean.
Chasing a challenging total, Kuwait Dashers were held back by some brilliant bowling by Peter Connell and Razziq, losing two wickets.
Waseem Ashraf removed another two as Kuwait Dashers lost their way completely.