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[Lat.,=point], the use of special signs in writing to clarify how words are used; the term also refers to the signs themselves. In every language, besides the sounds of the words that are strung together there are other features, such as tone, accent, and pauses,
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a punctuation mark in the form of a straight horizontal line (—). In the European writing systems, it has a space at either side.

In Russian punctuation, the dash indicates a pause between words or parts of a sentence. It is also used to emphasize intonations in written dialogue that are caused by the emotionality of utterances, and is used between a subject and predicate to replace a copula. In addition, the dash separates direct speech and introductory words from the rest of the sentence and separates coordinating conjunctions to emphasize contrast. The dash must be distinguished from the hyphen.


A flight made at a very high, or near maximum permissible, speed without taking into consideration high fuel consumption. A dash may be made in enemy territory at very low heights, ignoring high fuel consumption temporarily.
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Although hundreds of fans queued for hours to meet the singer, he only stayed for 30 minutes before dashing off to catch a plane to Dublin.
THE Godolphin team was greeted by a mixture of sunshine and showers on an early visit to Racecourse Side yesterday before dashing off for activities at York.
Three officers arrived but the gang made a run for it, hurling a cash till at an officer and causing a wound which needed stitches, before dashing off in different directions.
Cornelius Baker joined Kaiser Permanente's managed care health maintenance plan in Washington, D.C., a year and a half ago, he was set up with a general practitioner who responded to Baker's blood-test readings by dashing off a prescription for AZT.
She told Meridian TV's 7 Days show: "He said customers were rushing to their offices and dashing off letters of complaint.
One of her exits was memorable: flinging her arms over her head in an exuberant port de bras, she grandly punctuated the music before dashing off.
PERHAPS new dad Simon Cowell is dashing off to grab some extra nappies As girlfriend Lauren Silverman took their newborn son Eric to meet her pals, the X Factor boss was snapped shooting off on a scooter.