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see hyraxhyrax
, name for rabbit-sized mammals of Africa and SW Asia comprising the family Procavidae. Although rodentlike in appearance, hyraxes are hoofed mammals, or ungulates (see Chordata), most closely related to elephants and sea cows.
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Like most younger African hunters, Nicky started with the small stuff: dassie (also called rock hyrax, similar in appearance and behavior to a North American rock chuck), Cape hare (a rabbit somewhere between a cottontail and jackrabbit in size), jackal (a canine predator with an appearance and size somewhere between a fox and coyote), steinbok (one of the Tiny Ten antelope, tipping the scales around 20 pounds), and, at the top of the heap, the "elephant" of the Little Five: the common springbok.
bovis BCG (8) but not between these strains and the dassie bacillus or M.
In albei gedigte word verwys na dieselfde dinge: In Psalm 104: water, wilde esels, voels van die hemel, veld, gras, diere en plante, bome, voels wat hulle neste maak, die reier, klipbokke, dassies, en dan daardie leeus; in Achnaton se Himne: water, insekte, slange, "the heards in their meadows, cattle and every sort of small beast," voels wat vlieg of hul neste maak, bome, die veld, en dan daardie leeus wat van Egipte af Palestina toe geloop het.
Tourists armed with binoculars line the cliffs, where you'll also see curious hairy creatures called rock dassies which look just like hamsters on steroids.
Back at the campsite, spotted hyenas and dassies can be seen at dusk and into the night.
After seeing a few small bucks and numerous dassies (rock hyraxes), we spotted a nice buck in an area we had passed not 15 minutes earlier.
For example if it were an established law that all dassies mate only in winter, and we observed an apparent counter-example to this law in the form of a pair of dassies mating in summer in the Moscow Zoo, we would be entitled to appeal to an implicit ceteris paribus clause in the formulation of the antecedent of our law in order to save our law from the effect of the counter-example.
He responds to this new awareness with appreciation, begins looking at his surroundings more attentively, and sees small movements everywhere: dassies (rock-rabbits), grondeekhorinkies (ground squirrels), blouapies (vervet monkeys) and aquatic birds (p.