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see hyraxhyrax
, name for rabbit-sized mammals of Africa and SW Asia comprising the family Procavidae. Although rodentlike in appearance, hyraxes are hoofed mammals, or ungulates (see Chordata), most closely related to elephants and sea cows.
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Like most younger African hunters, Nicky started with the small stuff: dassie (also called rock hyrax, similar in appearance and behavior to a North American rock chuck), Cape hare (a rabbit somewhere between a cottontail and jackrabbit in size), jackal (a canine predator with an appearance and size somewhere between a fox and coyote), steinbok (one of the Tiny Ten antelope, tipping the scales around 20 pounds), and, at the top of the heap, the "elephant" of the Little Five: the common springbok.
bovis BCG (8) but not between these strains and the dassie bacillus or M.
The machines transform these dassies into moles that burrow into the bowels of the earth in search of gold, creating enormous heaps of white sand (I.
Dassies are critters that resemble a guinea pig-sized koala.
Apart from Table Mountain, with its 1,400 species of flowers, baboons, dassies (large rodents) and countless birds, some of the world's best surfing beaches are within a stone's throw of the city.