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Established in 1981, privately owned RAD Data Communications, Tel Aviv, Israel, has achieved international recognition as a major manufacturer of high quality access equipment for data communications and telecommunications applications.
It is desirable that NTT have a strong competitor in corporate data communications. Two, the Japanese press is in favor of an IIJ/Tepco combination, There was a big turnout at the July 18 press conference, tame as the event was.
Fujitsu's new service will offer wireless data communications using devices like personal computers and personal digital assistants at a monthly flat rate, according to the paper.
If data communications throughput is stymied, it will cause sluggish overall network performance and require the building of larger buffers to act as data holding tanks before transfer to the datacom pathway.
RAD Data Communications will use M-Systems' DiskOnChip to store the configuration files and the RTOS (Real Time Operating System) for the ACE-2002.
"RAD is pleased to offer Australian ISDN customers the most cost- effective way to migrate seamlessly from their existing Macrolink ISDN service to Telstra's new OnRamp ETSI PRI ISDN service," stated Dario Zipris, vice president of sales at RAD Data Communications. Technical and on-site support will be provided by Sydney-based Proactive Communication Solutions, one of RAD's authorized Australian distributors.
C&W is rolling out its data communications network across the country and is striving to link up more customers to its digital and computer services.
It seeks to promote competition in the local exchange data communications market by opening up access to the central offices of incumbent telephone companies to competitors, continue ISP access to the broadband networks of phone companies, lessen restrictive regulations on the incumbent phone companies, and enable regional Bell companies to provide long distance data communications - provided that freedom would reduce the cost of high-speed internet connections to consumers.
A lot seems to be happening on the national scene related to Data Communications. Things are expected to happen in the near future that would make most of the users of Data Communications happy.
EUSIDIC, the European Association of Information Services, and EUROLUG, the European Online User Groups association, have released the details of their 1993 survey of the reliability of data communications networks.
Other trends include better management of CAD/CAM data, improved capabilities for data communications, and tighter integration between CAD and CAM.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 28, 2017-Saife Acquires Assets of Mobile Voice, Data Communications Software Firm GreenZone Systems

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