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This data expansion enabled an unprecedented analysis of the global state of in-flight Wi-Fi, dubbing 2014 "the year in-flight Wi-Fi took off worldwide.
Being one of the largest telecom operators in Pakistan Zong was looking for a solution to deal with data expansion challenges and at the same time to achieve stringent RTO and RPOs the press release said.
Aircel, which is one of the most rapidly expanding mobile operators in India has recently been focusing on bolstering its ecosystem to drive data expansion in most of the circles in India.
A survey carried out for DLA Piper's 2014 Global Data Centre Market Report revealed that for customers and suppliers across the industry, sustainability and green accreditations are gaining prominence as catalysts for data expansion.
For the real estate finance industry, it's especially important to understand the scope of the data available today and discern how data expansion is changing the way the mortgage market operates, now and in the future.
Human resource data expansion, coupled with information transparency provides unprecedented access for all parties--both employer and employee.
Rapid target acquisition uses an ultra-wideband personal area network with standardized data and image transfer protocols for additional sensor data expansion.
HP, with the help of its channel partners, offers an expanded technology portfolio with realistic financing options that enable SMBs to manage data expansion, improve employee productivity and retain, as well as attract, clients.
99) features 76 piano-style keys, 32-note polyphony, 515 tones, 100 tunes, 120 rhythms, eight digital effects, voice fingering guide, one-touch preset, song data expansion, stereo piano, auto-accompaniment, touch response for musical expression, 32 registration memory for quick access to frequently used tunes, and a USB port for easy connection to a computer.
According to TelecityRedbus, the facilities and data expansion incorporate a 4,000 square feet facility in London, offering dedicated high-density data centre space able to support demands of up to 20 KW per rack.
Research, online activity, desire and need for data isn't just causing a data expansion, it's literally an explosion.
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