data field

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data field

[′dad·ə ‚fēld]
(computer science)
An area in the main memory of the computer in which a data record is contained.
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A physical structure in a form, file or database that holds data. A field is one or more bytes in size. A collection of fields makes up a data record; for example, ORDER #, NAME, ADDRESS, CITY, etc. The terms field and "box" are often used synonymously such as a "search field" or "search box" on a Web page.

The field is the common denominator for database searches. For example, the STATE field is referenced when the query to find "all customers who live in Florida" is made to a database. When totaling transactions, the ORDER_AMOUNT field is summed. JOB_TITLE is referenced when looking for certain employees.

Fields, Data Elements and Data Items
Although often used interchangeably, there are several terms that refer to the same unit of storage in a data record. A "data element" is the logical definition of the field, while a "data item" is the actual data stored in the field. For example, for each CITY data element defined in a record, there are many CITY fields (structures) in the database that hold the data items (New York, Chicago, Phoenix, etc.).

The Basic Unit of Storage
Data elements describe the logical unit of data, fields are the actual storage units, and data items are the individual instances of the data elements as in this example.
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Marching Cubes (MC) algorithm is the most representative method among the isosurfacing algorithm with the three-dimensional spatial rule data field. This method is simple and easy to implement, additionally it has been used widely [10] [11] [12] [13] [14].
This section combines the aforementioned data field energy and the distance between data points to identify the clustering centres and cluster subsets of passenger taxi data by using GPS (Global Positioning System) trajectory data.
This schema is referenced by all modules across the systems, including the following: (1) the data fields (Figure 2) used to compose production rules; (2) the entity set ("domainDBContext.IntegratedView") and entity properties (e.g., "x.Surgery," "x.BirthWeight") in LINQ; and (3) and the final SQL code transformed by ORM.
When data field is with high density and small voxel, this assumption is close to actual situation.
As of July 2013, 185 out of 850 MLS databases had searchable green data fields, according to Kristen Short, managing director of the green designation program of the National Association of Realtors (NAR).
The sheer number of SNOMED CT concepts, descriptive terms and relationships, and the current recording in NSW EDs of either the symptom, diagnosis or the injury mechanism in the one data field make any consistency or reliability of these three different concepts over time and between coders virtually impossible.
1), and those that apply to a single data field should be added after the entry for that field (2).
-- Soft Label - Change the name of any data field to match their own defined labels.
Crystal, for example, presents the input value - typically an unrecognizable coded value or number - and only one other data field for reference.
In response to these concerns, ANNA transforms the data by performing sophisticated data quality, cleanup and normalization functions for each data field, and processes the data through a one-way hash function--a unique value that represents original data in a form that is mathematically indecipherable and irreversible.
Each has a check mark box checked, what FED LOG calls "tagged." Leave them all tagged and click on the AMDF management data field icon (the green vehicle fifth from the right).
The specific MDS data field used to count this is VB2 (Date of RAP assessment process).