data management

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data management

[′dad·ə ‚man·ij·mənt]
(computer science)
The collection of functions of a control program that provide access to data sets, enforce data storage conventions, and regulate the use of input/output devices.

data management

Data management refers to several levels of managing data. From bottom to top, they are:

(1) The part of the operating system that manages the physical storage and retrieval of data on a disk or other device. See access method.

(2) Software that allows the user to create, store, retrieve and manipulate files interactively. See file management system and DBMS.

(3) The function that manages data as an organizational resource. See data administration.

(4) The management of all data/information in an organization. It includes data administration, the standards for defining data and the way in which people perceive and use it.
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The evolution from the highly customized art to the science of complete data management really came to the top of the CIO's mind in the last few years.
OSN data management systems attach a metadata envelope to each data block, converting it to an easily managed file that includes ID, security data, and other information.
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