file size

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file size

The length of a computer file in bytes. Following are common file types and sizes. See space/time, file and byte.

KB=kilobytes  MB=megabytesGB=gigabytes  TB=terabytesFILE TYPE     APPROX. SIZE

 Text          2KB per page

  MP3           4MB per song
  FLAC         20MB per song
  CD-DA        40MB per song

 Database      KBs to TBs**

 CAD drawing   KBs to GBs**

 Spreadsheet   KBs to MBs**

 Bitmap image  KBs to GBs**

 Bitmap image at 300 dpi
  3x5" print    4MB
  8x10" print  20MB

  DVD           4GB
  Blu-ray      25GB+
  3D Blu-ray   50GB+

 Video         5 to 100MB per minute***

 ** depends on amount of data,
    complexity of drawing or
    size and resolution of image

 *** depends on resolution
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Deep learning technology can automatically extract characteristic features from data, attracting attention to such areas as image and voice recognition, but due to the complicated structure and the variety of data sizes and expressions mixed in graph-structured data, it was difficult to apply deep learning technology to the problem.
Data sharing in deep learning parallel processing is complex, however, as shared data sizes and computation times vary, and operations are performed in order, simultaneously using the previous operating results.
Whatever data sizes we had before we moved to HANA, it became half or one third of the size because HANA compresses the data size," says Panda.
These industry-first vPads feature dual security via 256 bit encryption, user-authenticated print release, and print stream compression which reduces print data sizes by up to 95%, promoting fast data transmission and printing at remote sites.
As computational sophistication, data sizes and analytics capabilities grow exponentially, a new perspective called Small Data by experts has become increasingly important in understanding the causal connections in Big Data instead of just correlations.
In this test, we cannot be obtained the result for the 2,048 and 4,096 data sizes in 1-to-2 and 1-to-4 cases (The missing data points are not visible in figure 17).
Competitors manage to achieve a level of about 500,000-600,000 QphH at best, across all TPC-H data sizes.
The integration of the KLAST plug-in into CLC Genomics Workbench makes it possible to perform sequence similarity queries on very large data sizes, which adds significant utility to the very critical challenge in analyzing next- generation sequencing data, said Mikael Flensborg, Director of Global Partner Relations for CLC bio.
In this study where data sizes have been determined in all the experimented conditions as described in Section 3, statically allocating at compile time was adopted due to its simplicity and efficiency in memory addressing of two-dimensional arrays and optimal memory alignment [42].
The data sizes in all the sensors are all the same.
The Aster Data and Dell combination expands the solutions available to customers for both public and private clouds, making it easy for companies with a range of data sizes and analytics needs to deploy and run their mission-critical, data-driven applications.
CORBA is significantly higher in response time than JavaSpaces in all data sizes except 32K, where there is no difference.