data system

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data system

[′dad·ə ‚sis·təm]
(computer science)
The means, either manual or automatic, of converting data into action or decision information, including the forms, procedures, and processes which together provide an organized and interrelated means of recording, communicating, processing, and presenting information relative to a definable function or activity.

information system

A business application in the computer. It is made up of the database, application programs and manual and machine procedures. It also encompasses the computer systems that do the processing.

Processing the Data
The database stores the subjects of the business (master files) and its activities (transaction files). The application programs provide the data entry, updating, query and report processing.

The Procedures
The manual procedures document how data are obtained for input and how the system's output is distributed. Machine procedures instruct the computer how to perform scheduled activities, in which the output of one program is automatically fed into another.

Transaction Processing
The daily work is the online, interactive processing of the business transactions and updating of customer, inventory and vendor files (master files).

Batch Processing
At the end of the day or other period, programs print reports and update files that were not updated on a daily basis. Periodically, files must be updated for routine maintenance such as adding and deleting employees and making changes to product descriptions. See transaction processing.

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Consciousness is then envisioned as various levels of arrangement and interactions of data systems which can possess self-representation in the form of self-similarity.
The complex data relation of the distributed data systems can be reduced based on graph theory.
* Data systems that use compatible data standards and vocabularies
THE WEEFIM SYSTEM, Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation
The One-Way Data System meets the increasing need to connect control systems to create integrated central information systems, or communicate externally with equipment manufacturers to access remote services.
* State of the State Data Systems, which gives a snapshot of every state's progress.
Combining four new card sets to deliver higher port densities and improved performance, the Total Control 1000 enhanced data system can be used by service providers to deploy a range of services, such as dial access, virtual private networking, IP telephony and CDMA wireless access, on a single platform utilising a common set of authentication and billing services.
Ampex Data Systems customers include such organizations as AT&T, the Federal Aviation Administration, Fox Television, HBO, Netcom and Prevue Networks.
Solution: Wyoming decided to WISE-up--that is, create the Wyoming Integrated Statewide Education Data System, a data information system that helps facilitate Wyoming's Schools Interoperability Framework, a national set of standards developed for educational software interoperability.
Because the Federal Procurement Data System contains unreliable data about the simplified acquisition test program, GAO was unable to determine the extent to which federal executive agencies--including DOD--have used the test program and have realized any benefits.
The flash-OFDM system is a mobile wireless data system that was designed and optimized from the ground up to enable cost effective broadband mobile data communications.
For your planning purposes, DoD will submit FY04 award data to FPDS-NG via frequent data file submissions from the existing Defense Contract Action Data System (DCADS) and feeder system process that use the DD350 and DD1057 forms.