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Technological limitations in these areas--efficiency of the laser, control of media contamination, and the data transfer rate have, until recently, slowed the development of new optical storage technologies.
The SLR100 features a variable data transfer rate with what they call "auto-sense.
6GB), the new products offer users up to four-generation ISO-Standard media compatibility and an Ultra-SCSI interface for data transfer rates of up to 20MB/sec synchronous and 6.
They feature 64-Bit architecture for data transfer rates, including a 64-Bit PCI interface clocked at 33MHz with burst rates at 264MB/sec, as well as an onboard 64-Bit bus for throughput and an Intel i960RN RISC CPU for I/O operations.
Dolphin Interconnect Solutions has developed a family of high-speed interconnects cards that exploit several key features of the SCI standard to achieve superior performance, both in data transfer rates and latency.
Higher processor memory speeds demand higher data transfer rates from mass storage devices, requiring that SCSI continue to evolve to faster performance.