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The data unit puts together the guide after taking into account 51 different data points, includingGCSE resultsand Attainment 8 scores as well as factors like Progress 8, pupil-teacher ratios and absence rates.
The Data Unit has analysed statistics going as far back as 2001 to gauge which Manchester wards have seen the most improvements in these indicators, as well as ranking each area based on the current situation.
The data unit also looked at pay gap figures at the region's biggest employers.
The North East Combined Authority, Traffic and Accident Data Unit, Urban Traffic Management and Control and Nexus are all partners of the project and have helped create the most comprehensive data resource in the North East - one that's open to all and free to use."
The Real Schools Guide, compiled by the Trinity Mirror Data Unit, gives parents a far more comprehensive picture than traditional league tables.
The landmark partnership between the BBC and the News Media Association also includes a Shared Data Unit, based at BBC Birmingham, and a facility allowing local news providers access to relevant regional BBC video and audio content.
So the last thing I want to hear is how easy it's going to be for us, and in an attempt to diffuse this pressure and highlight that, in actual fact, such statistical estimates are total rubbish, I took a look at how the Trinity Mirror "Data Unit" came up with these statistics.
As it turns out, the mysterious texts may be the work of shady groups or individuals utilizing a less commonly employed SMS protocol called SMS Protocol Data Unit (PDU).
The digital and data unit, which includes the Gracenote business the company acquired from Sony for $170 million in 2014, collects and distributes content and data to music and online video services, cable companies and consumer devices.
Lummen, Belgium, April 29, 2016 --( Data Unit is an IT service provider that focuses on innovative network infrastructure and security solutions with improved productivity for the client as their ultimate goal.
Newcastle United were only the 25th best team in England last season according to the Trinity Mirror Data Unit's exclusive football index.
DENBIGHSHIRE continues to be the top performing council in North Wales and one of the best in Wales - according to latest figures released by the Local Government Data Unit.