data warehousing

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data warehousing

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data warehouse

A database designed to support decision making in an organization. Data from the production databases are copied to the data warehouse so that queries can be performed without disturbing the performance or the stability of the production systems.

Data Marts
Data warehouses can become enormous with hundreds of gigabytes of transactions. As a result, subsets, known as "data marts," are often created for just one department or product line.

Updated at the End of a Period
Data warehouses are generally batch updated at the end of the day, week or some period. Its contents are typically historical and static and may also contain numerous summaries.

Operational Data Stores
The data warehouse is structured to support a variety of analyses, including elaborate queries on large amounts of data that can require extensive searching. When databases are set up for queries on daily transactions, they are often called "operational data stores" rather than data warehouses (see ODS). See OLAP, decision support system, EIS and BI software.
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In a recent DBTA roundtable webcast, Kevin Petrie, senior director and technology evangelist, Attunity, and Gary Orenstein, chief product and marketing officer, Yellowbrick, discussed novel solutions to chronic data warehousing challenges.
Applied patterns in a data warehouse automation tool support the goals of accelerated design and development, but equally importantly they drive compliance with standards and consistency of data warehousing results.
In a statement on Wednesday, Teradata, the analytic data solutions company, announced that Telenor Pakistan is a 'Best Practice Award Winner in the category of Advanced Analytics in the annual competition sponsored by The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI), the premier provider of in-depth, high-quality education and training in business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing (DW).
The announcement follows an existing partnership between the two companies, which streamlines data warehousing for joint customers across Teradata's Platform Family, specifically aimed at the company's appliance offerings with Information Builders' WebFOCUS software.
At the high end, data warehousing is now mission-critical."
"Our market research continues to show that companies are interested in a broad range of strategic, operational, and tactical decision support and automation requirements, and data warehousing deployment strategies, ranging from specialized data marts to enterprise data warehouses," said Dan Vesset, research vice president of business analytics solutions, IDC.
Worldwide Computer Products News-4 February 2010-NEC and Netezza partner to develop data warehousing appliances(C)1995-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Complex data warehousing and knowledge discovery for advanced retrieval development; innovative methods and applications.
The intensive four-day course, taught by Kimball University professionals Margy Ross and Warren Thornthwaite, provides practical techniques on a focused range of data warehousing and business information subject matter.
IBM is trying to make its Informix OLTP (online transaction processing) server a more potent option for BI (business intelligence) and data warehousing through a new optional toolset, the company announced Thursday.
Through the SGI Adaptive Data Warehousing Solution, that experience can now benefit enterprises that rely on Oracle Data Warehouses and advanced BI applications."

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