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The project model is composed of four sub-systems: three highfrequency, long-range coastal-surveillance radar (CSRs); three radarelectronic-support-measures systems (R-ESMs); a communication subsystem; and a tactical data-handling system (TDHS).
The first French integrated submarine combat system was the UDS International/DCN International Systeme d'Armes Tactiques (Sat), which employed the Tit digital data-handling system integrated with a DLA-series fire control system.
A data-handling system with Windows-based custom software is included.
The SRB is being used as the data-handling system for mirrored copies of the University of California, Berkeley Electronic Library [11], the University of California, Santa Barbara Alexandria Digital Library [3], and the University of Michigan Digital Library [5].
The original contract was awarded in April 1994 and since then PRC has migrated the Cheyenne Mountain intelligence data-handling system from an old mainframe legacy system to a modern Sun Sparc open system architecture.
The compactness and capacity of optical communication has become indispensable in the design of large data-handling systems.
What is commonly referred to as XML is actually a large collection of protocols and data-handling systems that all exclusively rely on XML-encoded packets or inductions.
According to project manager Robert Wittenburg, "The AGV concept fits in well with other high-tech scanning, sortation, and data-handling systems employed in our new facility.

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