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data bank

[′dad·ə ‚baŋk]
(computer science)
A complete collection of information such as contained in automated files, a library, or a set of computer disks.

Data Bank


(also data base), a collection of information sources on a certain subject equipped with a system for retrieving the sources. A data bank is set up after studying the information needs of the category of users that the bank is intended to serve. The functions of the data bank include the acquisition, processing, and storing of both published materials and unpublished scientific and technical documents, such as reports, plans, efficiency proposals, and manuscripts. The bank must be able to search the data in order to provide the required information. Data banks provide enterprises, organizations, and individual specialists with primary and secondary sources of information, as well as with factual information.

In the USSR, data banks are a necessary part of the nationwide system of scientific and technical information, and they are set up at all all-Union, republic, and territorial scientific and technical information agencies, at all central information agencies serving the various sectors of the national economy, and at enterprises, scientific research institutes, and design bureaus. The delineation of subject areas and the coordination of data services provided by data banks at different levels of the information service are carried out according to lists of headings of the data banks of all-Union, republic, and territorial scientific and technical information agencies and central information agencies serving the various sectors of the national economy.


data bank

Any electronic depository of data.
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The Databank will employ automated tracking of aid movements based on customs data from ports, airports, and other entry points.
For an organization trying to sort out the content and coverage, an overview sheet for each databank is provided that explains which countries, industries, benefits, and indicators are available (oxfordeconomics.
The settlement between the publishing companies and PBMs came after a district court in Massachusetts found that First DataBank and Medi-Span had fraudulently conspired to raise AWPs for prescription drugs, to the detriment of payers and consumers.
The databank can be accessed on the website of the environmental science information center (ESIC) of the Lanzhou Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
But it says the databank has an entirely different function - combating fraudulent insurance claims - and is thus not in breach of the Directive.
First DataBank has licensed three products from Healthnotes.
Tissue samples, usually in the form of a blood sample or cheek swab, are thus collected from offenders covered by their state's databank laws and are analyzed using a technique called "profiling," which detects genetic variations among individuals that, at least as currently understood by geneticists, have no biological function.
Mediametrie is developing Eurodara TV databanks in the Ukraine, Romania and Cyprus.
The Campus (computer aided material preselection by uniform standards) Version 4 materials databank is available as a free download to qualified end users from the company at http://www.
California is looking much better than other states, where it's common to see 55 to 63 percent losing money,'' said Joseph Coyne, chief executive officer of Healthcare Databank, a Sonoma-based firm that tracks the health care industry and published the report.
Teikoku Databank, the largest credit research company in Japan will supply Global Scan with these reports.