database administrator

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database administrator

A person responsible for the design and management of one or more databases and for the evaluation, selection and implementation of database management systems. In smaller organisations, the data administrator and database administrator are often one in the same; however, when they are different, the database administrator's function is more technical. The database administrator would implement the database software that meets the requirements outlined by the organisation's data administrator and systems analysts.

Tasks might include controling an organisation's data resources, using data dictionary software to ensure data integrity and security, recovering corrupted data and eliminating data redundancy and uses tuning tools to improve database performance.
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database administrator

A person responsible for the design and management of an organization's databases as well as the evaluation, selection and implementation of the database management system (DBMS) software. The position is also called a "data architect," "data officer," "database architect," "IT architect" and "information architect."

In most organizations, the database administrator and data administrator are one and the same; however, when the two responsibilities are managed separately, the database administrator's function is more technical (see data administration). See system development life cycle, job descriptions and salary survey.

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A day in the life of a database administrator regularly involves: backing up approximately 20 databases, (although many enterprises have hundreds) and managing up to 200 terabytes (TB) of data, in a combination of full, daily incremental to disk, daily full to disk and incrementally to disk or tape.
Aspect Ltd and has gone on to working as a junior developer and database administrator for the firm.
These vacant posts included 2 Deputy Directors, 1 Deputy Director Filtration Plant, 1 Deputy Director (Revenue), 2 Assistant Directors Engineering, 2 Assistant Directors Assessment and Collection, 1 Assistant Director (Water Quality), 1 IT Manager, 1 Database Administrator, 1 Programmer, 1 Assistant Programmer, 1 Legal Advisor, 5 Computer Operators, 3 Sub-Engineers and 4 Junior Clerks.
Julie Pine, 31, of Leavenheath, Suffolk, was made redundant from her job as a database administrator by buyout investment company Cinven in December 2006.
Manjinder, aged 24, who lives in Kings Heath, works as a researcher and database administrator at the Perinatal Institute in Birmingham.
Quest Central for SQL Server adds a Performance Analysis function to the package which Quest claims will increase database administrator productivity and help in achieving a rapid diagnosis and response to performance problems.
"By leveraging SQL Anywhere, VERITAS helps customers manage large amounts of data and information with minimal computing and database administrator requirements."
At Wabash College (IN), Database Administrator Jason Boley says administrators find the Blackboard CMS environment cost-effective and easy to use and support.
This reduces the complexity of the database administrator's migration tasks and makes the user databases ready for immediate 64-bit application use.
Positions such as computer programmer, systems analyst and database administrator already have more demand than bodies, according to the BLS and The Hudson Institute's demographic department.
Cyrano's Workbench performance testing software runs tests on aspects of a system's operation, such as speeds of response or the number of chip cycles used to fulfill a request, then matches it against thresholds set by the database administrator. If it exceeds those limits, Workbench raises an alert, allowing the user to make corrections.

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