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Some, indeed most database fields, should already be populated with meaningful data.
Number and percentage of records per database field with an incorrectly coded value Top 15 (by invalid code count) of a possible 112 fields (National Soil Site Collation database) Soil attribute Total no.
Questions from the paper questionnaire are linked to seven audited database fields: Racel, Race2, Hispanic Origin, Ancestry l, Ancestry2, Preferred Spoken Language, and need for Interpreter Services (Palaniappan et al.
FOR THOSE WORKING WITH CRYSTAL REPORT WRITER, NOW A PRODUCT OF Business Objects SA, a problem frequently encountered is how to format objects, be they text strings, formulas or database fields. There are basically three different ways that you can go about it, at least in Crystal 9, which is what I'm currently using.
That brings up the Match Fields screen (exhibit 15, page 54), which requires a link for each element of information (last name and first name, for example) to its corresponding database field.
In essence, the gatekeeper process synchronizes data of the shared-services "best of breed" applications with data contained in the field legacy systems -- most often, at the underlying database field level.
(In CrossFire Web, the help pane is on the left, which seemed to create a "natural" left-to-right workflow: Choose a database field from the left, and build a query on the right.
PODS, initiated in 1982, focused on the fundamental theory underlying the database field. Because of the mutual interests of the two communities, and to increase interaction between them and accommodate needs to attend both conferences, PODS and SIGMOD have been held concurrently since 1991 in one joint conference.
Through the '70s and '80s, the major players in the integrated manufacturing and productions database field emerged: MAPICS (originally from IBM), Oracle, SAP, Baan, and J.D.
The standards, in effect, likely will lead to the elimination of one step -- parsing -- now used to get print ads on-line by taking apart narrative text and putting each word or phrase into a database field. Wolferman, who calls the task force's speedy work "a remarkable achievement," expects the remaining two standards to be ready within 12 months.
The degree of change in the online database field may be indicated by the fact that this group considered only three types of databases--bibliographic, full text, and directory.
( are among the recognized leaders in the database field.

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