database manager

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database manager

The part of the database management system (DBMS) that handles the organisation, storage and retrieval of the data. A database manager may work with traditional programming languages, such as COBOL and BASIC, or may work only with its proprietary programming language. The terms database manager and database management system are used interchangeably.

A database manager links two or more files together and is the foundation for developing routine business systems. Contrast with file manager, which works with only one file at a time and is typically used interactively on a personal computer for managing personal, independent files, such as name and address lists.
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database manager

(1) With personal computers, software that allows a user to manage multiple data files (same as DBMS). Contrast with file management system, which works with one file at a time.

(2) Software that provides database management capability for traditional programming languages, such as COBOL, BASIC and C, but without the interactive capabilities.

(3) The part of the DBMS that stores and retrieves the data.
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To simplify database entries, the CDC database manager assigned consecutive arbitrary 4-digit designations to the octal designations.
Equipment Database Manager's equipment information is easy to create, store, and retrieve.
Reporters who were able to do timely stories had to download the data into a database manager to do their reporting.
Balboa Software has announced the release of Library Master 4.1 for Windows, a bibliographic database manager that automatically formats bibliographies, citations, and bibliographic footnotes.
The package's embedded Database Manager 32-bit routine enables creation of a user's own database.
Originally produced by CAdis, a Czech company, and distributed by, Inc., Austin, TX, the software also performs beam strength calculations and 2D finite element stress analysis, plus packs a sheet metal unfolder, tolerance study module, 2D drawing setup and configuration tools, a layer manager and a project database manager. Designed objects can be stored as Mechanical Desktop models, standard R14 ACIS models or directly as 2D drafting views.
The new Reference Manager software combines three online research tools--an Internet reference searcher, bibliography builder and database manager. The Internet reference searcher allows users to search more than 300 online libraries and create databases.
Named at Jordan Outdoor Products: John Skrabo as Hardgoods Licensing Manager, Keith Jennings as Hargoods Account Manager, Dana Peacock as Licensing Database Manager and Terri Troyer as Softgoods Administrative Assistant.
Raima brings with it its Raima Database Manager (RDM) and Velocis, a small foot-print database engine with a head-start on the raft of 50k "lite" versions of IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase RDBMSs that have all been announced in the last several weeks.
Reference Manager 9.0, from Research Information Systems, is a bibliographic software that offers a built-in Internet reference searcher, a bibliography builder and a database manager. It can be used by researchers, librarians, writers and students who need to find, import, manage and format reference data for things such as professional journals, grants, dissertations, theses and research papers.
While the Journal Star recently hired a database manager, Lee is relying on Monica Tews to lead the multimedia company's properties into the database era.
A computer program now exists to make much of this possible: Biota, a biodiversity database manager, written by Rob Colwell.

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