database manager

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database manager

The part of the database management system (DBMS) that handles the organisation, storage and retrieval of the data. A database manager may work with traditional programming languages, such as COBOL and BASIC, or may work only with its proprietary programming language. The terms database manager and database management system are used interchangeably.

A database manager links two or more files together and is the foundation for developing routine business systems. Contrast with file manager, which works with only one file at a time and is typically used interactively on a personal computer for managing personal, independent files, such as name and address lists.

database manager

(1) With personal computers, software that allows a user to manage multiple data files (same as DBMS). Contrast with file management system, which works with one file at a time.

(2) Software that provides database management capability for traditional programming languages, such as COBOL, BASIC and C, but without the interactive capabilities.

(3) The part of the DBMS that stores and retrieves the data.
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The Deluxe version of Equipment Database Manager comes with an administrative program that makes it easy for district personnel, and even school principals, to consolidate all of the inventory information for their areas of responsibility, and create management-level reports.
WPL is an extremely creative full-text database manager that offers a wide variety of power for both the serious professional and the computer neophyte.
ideaList is not the sort of database manager used for invoicing.
Contract notice: Supply of licenses operating systems and workstation server, database manager and associated support services.
We work hard to elevate the customer experience, and bringing permissions to the point of customer contact with our content is key to making permissions easier and faster," said Gary Bryan, Database Manager, BMJ Group.
Problem # 3 Software Hydrographic Survey Office Qinsy 1Caris Bathy Database Manager 2 sets
The NVerzion NControl Lite software and hardware package that is being utilized on TVRI Channels 3 and 4 comprises: the NGest professional dubbing and recording software application, NPoint video preparation software for segmenting and trimming, dual NControl on-air transmission playlists for specialized schedule and program management of two transmission channels, the NBase SQL media database manager, and the NView database viewer.
According to James Horsburgh, marketing database manager at Allianz, the deal will create millions in extra sales by enabling the company to generate more personalised marketing campaigns.
Based on the technology that makes Hitachi's HiRDB one of the top selling Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) in Japan, Entier is designed for small footprint devices that require a fast, powerful database manager.
I ve been in information technology since the late 70s when you had to build your own database manager.
In addition, Azimuth's software architecture is common across all of Azimuth testing platforms, and the STUDIO(TM) software database manager is particularly useful for sharing Azimuth test data across functional groups, geographies or between suppliers and vendors.
as software developer, systems analyst, database manager, trainer, and SAS programmer and worked directly with Centers for Disease Control and the National Cancer Institute.

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