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New comparison engine: completely redesigned database schema compare engine is faster, more efficient, easily configurable and scalable.
Minimize maintenance and upkeep of the database schema.
Even if you have only one database to work with, the drag and drop scripting (you simply drag one or more schema items to any text editor supporting OLE drag and drop) together with very flexible scripting options makes AdeptSQL Diff a perfect tool to reverse-engineer your database schema.
The implementation of the data warehouse often involves making changes to database schema.
In addition to providing source control for both static data and database schema, SQL Source Control 2.
in February, Quest and Microsoft announced plans to integrate a Database Schema Provider for Oracle databases into Visual Studio Team System 2010, enabling Oracle developers to enjoy the benefits and features of this solution - features that are no longer reserved for SQL Server pros
PowerDesigner enables PBOC's analysts, designers, developers and system managers to improve communications and productivity throughout the development cycle, from business analysis, systems analysis and design through database schema and business object generation.
Activeworx SMC integrates tightly with the Snort[R] IDS event database to provide high valued information from existing Snort[R] IDS installations, without modifying the original database schema.
With SQL Doc, in just a few mouse clicks you can easily document entire database schema, saving hours of time and stress.