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VANDALS have daubed carriages belonging to the historic Flying Scotsman with graffiti on the Severn Valley Railway.
Alliance's David Armitage said he had contacted Belfast City Council to get it urgently removed after it was daubed on walls in Dunraven Avenue and Glenbrook Avenue.
Other sites in Dumbarton were daubed with pro-SNP slogans between Wednesday night and Thursday morning.
RACIST graffiti has been daubed on the wall of a mosque sparking a police investigation.
AN arrest has been made after obscene graffiti was daubed around Hemlington.
A STREET in Birmingham where a car has been burned out, daubed with offensive graffiti and abandoned, has been compared to Gaza in the Middle East by an angry resident.
Well what do you think of your so-called supporters - vandals I call them - who daubed the statue of Fred Keenor with blue paint?
Apparently the incident took place overnight," he told AFP, saying the attackers had daubed "price tag" and revenge" at the site.
THE Irish landlord of a Merseyside pub was baffled after a vandal daubed IRA graffiti across his van and sign.
However, this is not the first time that Pippa's posterior has been daubed on a car.
TWO police officers were so incensed by vandals who daubed a war memorial with graffiti, they cleaned it up themselves.
Using handwriting analysis, detectives compared a tag Mandell daubed on a train at Three Bridges with police photographs of the same tag in various other locations.