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city (1990 pop. 95,333), seat of Scott co., E central Iowa, on the Mississippi River; inc. 1836. Bridges connect it with the Illinois cities of Rock IslandRock Island,
city (1990 pop. 40,552), seat of Rock Island co., NW Ill., on the Mississippi and Rock rivers, adjacent to Moline and opposite Davenport, Iowa; inc. 1841. These three cities, with Bettendorf, Iowa, are called the Quad Cities.
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 and MolineMoline
, city (1990 pop. 43,202), Rock Island co., NW Ill., on the Mississippi River, in a coal area; inc. 1848. It is a transportation and industrial center, and has been a major producer of farm machinery since the industrialist John Deere moved there in 1847.
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; the three communities and neighboring BettendorfBettendorf
, city (1990 pop. 28,132), Scott co., E Iowa, on the Mississippi River; settled c.1840, inc. 1903. Manufactures include transportation equipment, asphalt, pools and spas, and electronic products; there is metal processing. Bettendorf's growth in the late 20th cent.
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, Iowa, are known as the Quad Cities. Davenport is a rail, commercial, and industrial center. Its chief manufactures are food, fabricated metal products, and apparel. An early trading post was on the site, and the treaty ending the Black Hawk WarBlack Hawk War,
conflict between the Sac and Fox and the United States in 1832. After the War of 1812, whites settling the Illinois country exerted pressure on the Native Americans.
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 was signed there in 1832. Davenport prospered with the arrival (1856) of the first railroad to bridge the Mississippi and had heavy river traffic in the late 19th cent. It is the seat of St. Ambrose College, Marycrest College, and the Palmer College of Chiropractic (developed by the son of D. D. PalmerPalmer, Daniel David,
1845–1913, American founder of chiropractic, b. near Toronto, Canada. He practiced and taught chiropractic, chiefly in Davenport, Iowa. His work was carried on and extended by his son, Bartlett J. Palmer.
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). Also in the city are museums of art and of history and natural sciences and several parks, including Credit Island, a battle site in the War of 1812. Unlike many cities on the Mississippi, Davenport remains unprotected by a large floodwall, which puts riverfront areas at risk for occasional flooding. A large roller-gate dam and several locks, built there by the federal government, raise the water level of the river.
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He ceased and gazed solicitously at Captain Davenport, who, bending over the chart with a pair of dividers in hand, had just emitted a low groan.
"Well, it's three hundred and forty miles." Captain Davenport was speaking very slowly, with decision.
"We'll be there by one o'clock," Captain Davenport announced confidently.
Captain Davenport looked astern at the Pyrenees' canting wake.
Over with it, you there!" Captain Davenport held the lead line and watched it sag off to the northeast.
"An easterly current instead of a westerly," said Captain "Davenport, glaring accusingly at McCoy, as if to cast the blame for it upon him.
"Another twenty-four hours and we'll be there," Captain Davenport assured McCoy.
"We won't make Hao until ten or eleven," Captain Davenport complained at seven in the morning, when the fleeting promise of the sun had been erased by hazy cloud masses in the eastern sky.
The sweat stood out on faces and bare arms, and Captain Davenport for one, his face more gaunt and care-worn than ever, and his eyes troubled and staring, was oppressed by a feeling of impending calamity.
But Captain Davenport refused to be comforted, and by the light of a lantern read up the chapter in his Epitome that related to the strategy of shipmasters in cyclonic storms.
"Oh, shut up!" Captain Davenport yelled suddenly and with such force as to startle every man on board and to frighten the offender into a wild wail of terror.
Officers and men were working like mad, cook and cabin boy, Captain Davenport himself, and McCoy all lending a hand.