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Days of the Week

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In ancient times, astrology was a universal language or symbolic code that was applied to the interpretation of every imaginable phenomenon. As far back as Roman times, the days of the week were correlated with the traditional planets (the Sun, the Moon, and the five planets visible to the naked eye): Monday was thought to be ruled by the Moon (“moonday”), Tuesday by Mars, Wednesday by Mercury, Thursday by Jupiter, Friday by Venus, Saturday by Saturn (“saturnday”), and Sunday by the Sun (“sunday”). These days were regarded as lucky for people ruled by the corresponding planets (e.g., Monday was regarded as lucky for Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon), and an activity ruled by a particular planet was said to be enhanced when carried out on a day ruled by the same planet (e.g., Mercury-ruled Wednesday was good for writing and sending letters—activities ruled by the planet Mercury). Weeks, unlike months and years, appear to be unnatural periods not correlated with any natural phenomenon; but, in fact, weeks are based on subdivisions of the lunar cycle in quarters: new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter. While modern astrologers are aware of these rulerships, they are rarely utilized for practical astrological purposes.


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Ramzan effect, Week effect, day of the week effect, month effect, and January effect etc.
First, the daily returns in the Chilean equity market are more dependent on the returns of the previous day than on the day of the week itself ([beta]).
Deb Gibbons, head of employee relations at Peninsula, said: "Monday has always been the traditional productive day of the week, but our research shows that for the first time Tuesday has surpassed this.
Admiral managing director Sue Longhorn said: "It's not surprising to see that the worst day of the week for accidents is a Friday as people are tired after a long week at work and can easily get caught up thinking about their weekend plans instead of the road ahead.
According to the report, the breakdown of surfer traffic by day of the week worldwide is as follows: Wednesday - 16.
The directors said that day-of-week reporting would probably be optional for papers under 25,000 circulation, unless one day of the week was 15 percent higher or lower than the other days, in which case they would then have to report all seven days.
The court held that the decision to deny Jum'ah services on the day of the week on which a qualified Imam was not available from the outside community was supported by sound penological grounds, where efforts by unqualified inmates to lead the Jum'ah had in the past led to riots.
But given the choice between being at Magny Cours or catching just a glimpse of the likes of USA's Lance Armstrong in that famous yellow jersey, give me the Tour de France every day of the week.
Yes Sundays have become commercialised, but Sunday (the first day of the week) is not the Holy Bible Sabbath, which is the seventh day of the week, known today as Saturday.
market indicators, the documented findings point out that while the Monday returns tend to be significantly negative and lowest of the week, the returns on the last trading day of the week tend to be significantly positive.
When CE first addressed this issue (Jan '96) the idea of allowing employees to dress down on the final day of the week seemed completely harmless to most observers.
The descriptive statistics for returns on each day of the week for the entire period, as well as for the Democratic and Republican administrations, are provided in Table 2.