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Its experts project that DayStar allows the reduction of an entire facility's lighting energy usage by up to 95 percent.
Since Daystar doesn't file a 990, it's virtually impossible to know how much money Daystar brings in or how that money is spent.
Daystar is also a champion of its community and STEM education in middle and high schools.
We're thrilled to announce this year's winners and congratulate Daystar on its growth and success.
DayStar, which supplies high-purity metal organic precursors to the light-emitting diode (LED) market, will become part of Chemtura's Organometallic Specialties (OMS) business and will be key to the implementation of the unit's strategy to secure a sustainable competitive edge, the buyer noted.
Country: South KoreaSector: ChemicalsTarget: DayStar Materials LLCBuyer: Chemtura Corporation Vendor: UP Chemical Co LtdType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
Daystar were born in Wythenshawe, south Manchester, where Phil Cuthbert and, eventual band front man, Simon Monaghan forged a crude recording studio in a dingy garage, using whatever equipment they could pull together at the time, and began to feverishly demo their creations.
The Tribune and the Chronicle teamed up this summer on an investigation into conditions at Daystar, finding that workers there in 2008 had provoked seven developmentally disabled girls into fights, laughing, cheering and promising the winners after-school snacks.
Although DayStar ultimately plans to print CIGS on flexible sheets, it will make its first solar cells on glass.
The televangelist network, Daystar Television Network of Texas, is also suing in federal court, alleging religious discrimination based on statements made by board members that they didn't want to sell to religious broadcasters who would remove the station's Public Broadcast System affiliation.
DayStar Technologies is focused on developing Photovoltaic Foil that converts sunlight into energy and manufactures CIGS solar cells, which are deposited on flexible metal foils using production processes adapted from the semiconductor and magnetic drive industries.