dead tree

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dead tree

(publication, jargon)

Use of this term emphasises the waste of natural resources and limited features available from the printed form of a document compared with an electronic rendition.

E.g. "I read the dead tree edition of the Guardian on the train".

See also tree-killer.
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Printed material. Treeware refers to paper products, including books, brochures and documentation manuals. Also called "dead-tree media" or "dead-tree edition." Contrast with electronic publishing. See wares.
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References in classic literature ?
They always bury it under a ha'nted house or on an island, or under a dead tree that's got one limb sticking out.
Everywhere along its bands were the moldering relics of dead trees, in all the stages of decay, from those that groaned on their tottering trunks to such as had recently been robbed of those rugged coats that so mysteriously contain their principle of life.
I can't compare with it; and I've known some ships made of dead trees outlast the lives of men made of the most vital stuff of vital fathers.
Then as they decided to play 'king of the castle' on a large, dead tree log, they seemed to be having fun just staying on top without falling off.
To accomplish these goals, we need data on the rates of ongoing tree mortality and dead tree fall, surface fuel build-up, wildfire hazard, forest renewal patterns, and the course of bark beetle outbreaks.
The Deadwood Stump combines a traditional wall-hub design with patent-pending kick-out technology to create the realistic profile of a large, dead tree stump.
The world in pictures with Daily Post Head Images Hadyn Iball | INDIA: Lower caste Dalits burn a dead tree in Ahmadabad to block traffic during a nationwide strike.
Once the number of snags begins to decline, managers might consider halting the bums for a while or increasing the amount of time between bums to prolong the period of high snag abundance and prevent a rapid decline in dead tree numbers.
Authorities said she finally found shelter in a dead tree and drank water from puddles in order to survive until she was found by the group of men the next day. According to police officials, before she found shelter in the dead tree, the woman was exposed to extremely cold temperatures, rain and snow.
Intricate scenes from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland were carved into the 25-foot ash tree in Whinfield Recreation Ground as a way of giving the dead tree a new lease of life.
The anniversary comes amid further renovation work in the town centre, which includes three new public sculptures - a dead tree, an elephant in a longboat and three soon-to-be-installed thrones.
would have gumption enough to reach in the hole of a dead tree and risk