dead window

blank window, blind window, false window

1. A recess in an external wall, having the external appearance of a window.
2. A window, which has been sealed off but is still visible.
McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Architecture and Construction. Copyright © 2003 by McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
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Strictly in pragmatic terms, AMC was savvy about scheduling the show, launching it in a relatively dead window that will only help pound the drums for the mother ship's annual landing in October.
CALLOUS thugs raided the apartment of a dead window cleaner as he lay in a funeral home.
"It would create a further dead window frontage and exacerbate existing levels of noise and smells to the detriment of nearby residents."
It will reportedly not run on the dead Windows phone OS, but will be a full-fledged Windows device with some small changes.
The elevation fronting Clayton Street is an anonymous facade featuring blank, dead windows looking out from its upper floors which, together with its unpleasant lift-style entrance at the western end of Clayton Street, is a statement of architectural bankruptcy.