Dead End

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dead end

[′ded ‚end]
The end of a sound studio that has the greater sound-absorbing characteristics.
The portion of a tapped coil through which no current is flowing at a particular switch position.
(science and technology)
The end of a conduit, passage, power line, or similar system having no exit or continuation.

What does it mean when you dream about a dead end?

In a dream, a dead end usually represents the obvious, namely the sense of one’s efforts coming to naught, or pursuing a line of research and reaching a “dead end.”

dead end

1. A length of pipe leading from a soil, waste, or vent pipe, building drain, or building sewer, which is terminated by a plug, cap, or other closed fitting; there is no circulation in this length of pipe, and no waste from a plumbing fixture is fed into it.
2. The point of fastening in a running rope system where the other end is fastened to a rope drum.
3. In concrete work, the end opposite that to which a load is applied.
4. A portion of a corridor in which the travel to an exit is in one direction only.
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In each of the Dead-End Job books, Viets' protagonist, Helen Hawthorne, works a different low-paying job.
Today we are suggesting to script writers the most appropriate careers for soap characters as a way to show young people the way out of dead-end jobs or unemployment.
has been injection molding a new type of dead-end composite insulator with an overmolding of Dytron XL TPE from Applied Elastomer Systems, L.
Fences are constructed at the ends of the dead-end canals, and Christmas trees are laid on top of each other to fill the canals.
Their billets were either eliminated or filled by officers at lower ranks -- by those more willing to accept their dead-end futures.
into a dead-end classroom where she learned nothing.
This is the rule that says that if you go down a dead-end street and don't see the sign that says it's a dead end, you will soon learn by personal experience that the road is a dead end.
They are either in low-paid dead-end jobs - or aimlessly roaming the streets unable to claim any benefit and sponging off parents.
On a dead-end street leading to the East River in New York City, a region where luxurious apartments overlook the slums, live five children whose environment produces in them a hatred of people and of law.
Drew Carey (portrayed by comedian Drew Carey) is a lovable underachiever and perpetual "nice guy" who's been stuck at his dead-end job as assistant director of personnel at Cleveland's Winfred-Louder department store for 10 years.
A suspected car thief was captured Monday after allegedly driving a stolen car down a dead-end road with police on his tail, Eugene officials said.
Pumped for Murder: A Dead-End Job Mystery offers the tenth installment in a popular series packing in mystery with humor.