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estate tax:

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assessment made on the portion of an estate received by an individual; it differs from an estate tax, which is a tax levied on an entire estate before it is distributed to individuals.
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Deferral and extension of death tax payments on the state level do not always follow the Federal provisions.
Jennifer Dunn (R-WA) and Bud Cramer (D-AL) crafted a bill, which will eliminate the death tax in 2010.
Example 2: If the IRA is not contributed to charity, total taxes of $654,703 are due on M's $1,750,000 estate, which includes the $750,000 IRA; this is the total Federal estate tax, state death tax and income tax paid by the estate and the heir (as illustrated in Exhibit 2 in the box on p.
The death tax will therefore be reinstated only one year after it is repealed.
The death tax results in unfair double taxation of income and it hurts America's small businesses, which are the engine of job creation.
We want to leave our businesses to our children, but the death tax is a real barrier to that hope.
A problem with attempting to fund the credit-shelter trust for more than $650,000 is that the funding provisions for most credit-shelter trusts include a clause indicating that the phrase "all available credits" is to include "state death tax credits (but only to the extent that such funding does not create any additional state death taxes).
Over 40% of those same dealers indicated that in the event of their death, their heirs would have to borrow money using the stock of the business as collateral to pay the death tax.
Johnson and his colleagues are to be congratulated for supporting the repeal of the death tax.
It does not include a $40,000 business appraisal expense -- something I wouldn't have had to do were there not a looming Death Tax.
The abortive economic stimulus package was to have included an amendment by Senator Kyl of Arizona that would have made death tax repeal permanent Debate on the amendment had begun, but SENATE majority leader Tom Daschle postponed amendment votes until the members could vote on cloture.
8 of the 106th Congress (The Death Tax Elimination Act of 2000).