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A monetary amount that is subtracted from an account balance. A debit from one account is a credit to another. See credit.



the left side of bookkeeping accounts. All economic operations are recorded as a debit in one account and as a credit in another. In active accounts, debit designates an increase in recorded sums; in passive accounts, it designates a decrease. Thus, in active property accounts, which serve as a record of the movement of commercial-material values, a debit shows the value of goods on hand at the beginning of the year and the receipt of goods during the reporting year. In active settlement accounts, debit refers to the payments due from debtors at the beginning of the year and their increase during the course of the year; in passive settlement accounts. it is the settling of debts owed to creditors.

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Regulation E does apply, however, to any fee authorized by the consumer to be debited electronically from the consumer's account because the check was returned for insufficient funds.
Companies are subject to rigorous vetting and must give the customer written confirmation before any money is debited within three working days of the phone call setting up the account.
Citybank officials said purchases debited from Citibank accounts in Japan of debit-card holders carry no extra charge.