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Garbage dumps and debris line the streets,' he remarked.
Crushed, cast-off porcelain--150 tons of it, harvested, over the course of a year, from nearby landfills--provides a key ingredient in the Debris line from Fireclay Tile (fireclaytile.
He said the pond was created by the Army Corps of Engineers as a flood control project; stumps and debris line the bottom because a wooded area was flooded in the process.
During the summer of 1998 ghost crabs, Ocypode quadrata, burrows and their relationship to the tidal debris line was studied on Dauphin Island, Al.
Dn Superficial cleaning of condenser front & rear, connecting bends, priming pump areas and debris filters and attending breakdown welding works in all seawater/ACW lines, condenser, debris lines etc.