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1. a period of ten consecutive years
2. a group or series of ten
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(1) A ten-day period. During the French Revolution, the week was replaced by the decade.

(2) A group of ten—in antiquity, a group of soldiers, for example.

(3) A ten-day period of time devoted to some social event or special occasion—for example, a decade of Ukrainian literature or a decade of Azerbaijani music.

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A group or assembly of 10 units; for example, a decade counter counts 10 in one column, and a decade box inserts resistance quantities in multiples of powers of 10.
(science and technology)
The interval between any two quantities having the ratio of 10 to 1.
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And just a little over a decade of genuine friendship.'
Former Harambee Starlets forward Doreen Nabwire receives her Footballer of the Decade trophy from Magharibi Michezo Awards chairman Michael Kwambo during Magharibi Michezo Awards held in Bungoma on December 22, 2018.
The Conference built on the outcomes of the Eighth World Water Forum, the High-Level Panel on Water, the Water for Life Decade and other major water-related events and platforms at the global and regional level.
Why measure performance by decade? According to Conklin, “Measuring baseball accomplishments by the decade weeds out the one-shot wonders.
At 5.7 percent, euro era debt growth in the eurozone is three times faster than that of Japan in the "lost decade."
In the first three quarters of 2011, Bulgaria FDI was estimated at EUR 535 M, with the last quarter expected to boost the 2011 total to about EUR 1 B, bringing the decade's FDI figure to appr.
To mark the launch of the Decade, governments in countries such as Australia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Niger, Nigeria, the Philippines, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan and Viet Nam will host high-profile events and release national plans to improve safety and services for victims.
This decade included the birth of the Palace Theatre, several credit unions were born and the first flight left what is today known as the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.
But there is another side to this decade which needs to be encompassed by a proper name.
Despite these fluctuations, the decade ended right where it began - with annual employment estimated at 120,400 jobs.
At the other end of the scale, price growth was slowest in London during the decade, with the average cost of a property rising by 80 per cent to Au255,473, followed by the South East at 85 per cent.
The Parliamentary Committee for Parliamentarian Ethics and Procedural Rules on Tuesday approved the schedule of reports to be made by the top officials of the country.Thus, Constitutional Court Chair will present its report in Parliament in the first decade of February 2010.