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decal, decalcomania

Colored designs on special paper for transfer to unglazed or glazed ceramic ware or glass.
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Between swigs of lambanog, deals are sealed and covenants closed, often accompanied by native music and dance, Decal said.
Dubai: At least 40 Emirates aircraft have gone through an exterior makeover and they're now sporting special decals to promote a momentous occasion that Dubai will be hosting just a little over a year from now.
We analyzed the interviews via categorizing strategies (Maxwell, 2013), in which segments of data were identified (coded) as meaningful based on our deductive categories from our semistructured interviews, including the decision to display a decal, the intended message, the response of others, and assessments of nationalism and citizen-expatriate relations during the diplomatic crisis.
The bespoke decal features first team players Marcelo, Luka Modric, Sergio Ramos, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema, and covers over 200 square metres on each side of the double decker aircraft.
Decal sales are steadily increasing year over year and reached 40,078 in FY2017, up 5.8% from FY2016.
The tyre decals feature custom brand colours and align precisely with raised sidewall lettering on select BFGoodrich products.
"The Gallus Screeny technology is the first and only rotary screen technology we have ever used," says Mark Gallas, vice president of Gallas Label and Decal."Gallus is an innovator in this marketplace, and they continue to offer new Screeny technologies for differing types of applications and durability needs.
Tip 2: With the Tree of Life type of decal you need to mark just one line: along the length of the fretboard, for it is on this that you will be putting this type of decal.
The first decal was installed at Portage Place Shopping Centre.
What is left of the decal on the hopper says the piece is "part of the Jumbo Line" built by Nelson Bros.
The world's biggest football club and the world's largest aircraft have joined forces as Emirates unveils a huge Real Madrid decal on one of the airline's A380 aircraft.
RespirTech is also introducing custom decal sets for the unit that coordinate with the vest designs.