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Any of the points which divide the total number of items in a frequency distribution into 10 equal parts.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A decile is a minor aspect of 36°, created by subdividing a circle (360°) into ten parts. It is half of a quintile (72°) and is thus related to the family of aspects derived from dividing a circle into fifths. Like quintiles, deciles refer to the aptitudes or talents related to the planets involved in the aspect, though the influence of a decile is less marked. It is given an orb of influence of 1°—2°.

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But Cammell estimated this would only buy a nurse for a quarter of decile five schools, let alone improve health services in lower deciles.
(28) This is akin to constructing equal-weighted portfolios of funds within each decile. I tested that value-weighted averages (based on fund TNAs) yield results comparable to those presented in the following.
Looking at the fifth decile, it should be obvious that the effect from the individual income tax ($464) is much larger than from the corporate income tax ($82).
Table S4: Predictive Ratios by Number of HCCs and Matched Sample Observed Spending Decile for Random Forest with LASSO Selected Risk Adjustors.
According to Adva's calculations based on the Household Income and Expenditures Survey, 71% of all private rental monies paid in Israel in 2015 went to the three highest deciles; the top decile alone collected some 45% of the total rent payments that year.
These variables include age, gender, household size, household wealth deciles, education level, nature of employment, relationship with partner, frequency of meetings with friends and family, citizens voluntary work, religiosity, affiliation with a discriminatory group, homosexual liberty, citizenship, fear of violent crimes and level of democracy in the country.
We estimate that revenue would fall by $238 billion to $119 billion (or $121 in the dynamic scenario), with over half the benefits accruing to those in the top decile.
To establish the maximum monthly payment on rent or a mortgage, we calculated 30% of the average income of a household within each decile, and deducted from this the average amount spent in each decile on ancillary housing expenses.
That decile is further broken down into 'Executive,' those who belong to the top 1 percent, and still further into the top one-tenth of one percent are labeled 'CEO.'
Consumption share by income group is obtained by dividing household consumption data for each consumption item at each decile by household consumption data for each consumption item.
For the main research question, a decreasing relative rate of daily fruit juice/drink consumption was found as SES decile increased, using gamma regression.
The main observation from Panel A of Table 2 is that the misclassification rank measure is the most stable in the extreme deciles. For instance, 28% of period-(t--1) decile 10 (i.e., mostly likely to be misclassified) firm-years stay in decile 10 at period-t, another 16% of period-(t--1) decile 10 firm-years become decile 9 at period-t.