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Any of the points which divide the total number of items in a frequency distribution into 10 equal parts.


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A decile is a minor aspect of 36°, created by subdividing a circle (360°) into ten parts. It is half of a quintile (72°) and is thus related to the family of aspects derived from dividing a circle into fifths. Like quintiles, deciles refer to the aptitudes or talents related to the planets involved in the aspect, though the influence of a decile is less marked. It is given an orb of influence of 1°—2°.

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These variables include age, gender, household size, household wealth deciles, education level, nature of employment, relationship with partner, frequency of meetings with friends and family, citizens voluntary work, religiosity, affiliation with a discriminatory group, homosexual liberty, citizenship, fear of violent crimes and level of democracy in the country.
The baseline columns take the CBO projection for total revenue ($1744 billion) and allocate it across the deciles using the estimated tax payments from our tax calculator model.
Maximum Monthly Outlays on Rent or a Mortgage that Would Not Exceed 30% of Disposable Income on Housing In NIS, by household income deciles, 2015 Decile Average Maximum housing Average ancillary Maximum monthly disposable expenditure housing expenses expenditure on income per within the per decile rent or a household limit of 30% mortgage that of disposable would not exceed income 30% of disposable income 1 4,275 1,282 728 554 2 6,896 2,069 910 1,159 3 8,897 2,669 965 1,704 4 10,906 3,272 1,088 2,184 5 13,073 3,922 1,146 2,776 6 14,676 4,403 1,234 3,169 7 17,237 5,171 1,286 3,885 8 19,504 5,851 1,460 4,391 9 23,589 7,077 1,632 5,445 10 35,244 10,573 2,059 8,514 Notes: Deciles--by net income per standard person.
The first column breaks down the households by decile (definition: each of 10 equal groups into which a population can be divided according to the distribution of values of a particular variable, which in this case is household income).
Comparing the first and tenth deciles of income earners, the first decile was found to have an overall indirect tax burden rate of around three times the size of that of the tenth decile.
25) Sex Female 5050 (52%) Male 3940 (48%) Age group (years) 12-17 652 (8%) 18-29 1139 (15%) 30-49 2049 (30%) 50-69 3496 (34%) 70+ 1654 (12%) Race White 8007 (88%) Visible minority 983 (12%) Household education <Secondary 1428 (16%) Secondary 1466 (12%) Post-secondary 6096 (72%) Diabetes status Diabetic 848 (8%) Non-diabetic 8142 (92%) Physical activity Any, last 3 months 8282 (93%) None 708 (7%) * Table only includes lowest, middle, highest and missing income level deciles.
The univariate relationship between the number of segments and misclassification deciles is, however, monotonically decreasing, contrary to our prediction.
The model considers 27 productive sectors; 20 family types differentiated by the income decile and socio-demographic stratum (urban and rural) they belong to; two production factors (labor and capital); and 12 consumption goods (see table 1).
Second, men younger than the APE age in the top income decile are significantly more likely to retire than men in the bottom several deciles, but for people older than the APE age, it is just the opposite--the richest are less likely to retire than the poorest.
Pero en nuestro caso la unidad de analisis son los deciles de ingreso de un pais particular, de modo que mientras preservamos la identidad de un decil-pais particular, estos deciles se definen con respecto a personas diferentes.
All portfolios sorted on size or book-to-market are sorted into 10 portfolios with decile breakpoints based on only NYSE firms.
James Duggan, Robert Gillingham, and John Greenlees (2007) use administrative Social Security data to show a consistently positive relationship between average age of death and lifetime earnings deciles.