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Any of the points which divide the total number of items in a frequency distribution into 10 equal parts.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A decile is a minor aspect of 36°, created by subdividing a circle (360°) into ten parts. It is half of a quintile (72°) and is thus related to the family of aspects derived from dividing a circle into fifths. Like quintiles, deciles refer to the aptitudes or talents related to the planets involved in the aspect, though the influence of a decile is less marked. It is given an orb of influence of 1°—2°.

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In its 2019 Budget, the Government announced plans to extend nurses in schools into decile five schools, and enhance existing services in decile one to four schools with $19.6 million over four years.
In everything that follows, I use the MeanOverlap values from the previous month to sort funds into deciles and then calculate the average for a given portfolio characteristic in the next month for each decile.
Hence, even within deciles, there are interesting variations relating to which families will benefit and which will pay higher taxes due to the individual income provisions.
Table S2: Predictive Ratios by Number of HCCs and Matched Sample Observed Spending Decile for OLS with LASSO Selected Risk Adjustors.
Households in the lowest deciles have the least income from either wages or capital, and are compelled to rely heavily on government allowances and income support.
The idea behind incorporating this variable is that income decile may increase the life satisfaction but may or may not the other two types of well-being.
The baseline columns take the CBO projection for total revenue ($1744 billion) and allocate it across the deciles using the estimated tax payments from our tax calculator model.
(12) The highest proportion of renters (including public housing, but excluding key-money rentals) were to be found among households in the four lowest income deciles: 41% in the lowest, 33% in the second lowest, and 26% in the third and fourth lowest deciles.
The first column breaks down the households by decile (definition: each of 10 equal groups into which a population can be divided according to the distribution of values of a particular variable, which in this case is household income).
Table 1 shows the rate of change in the nominal income of the tenth decile level data for 2005 and 2011.
Approximately 10 000 respondents living in the 10 provinces were not included in the categorical ranking of household income level, adjusted at the health region level (explanatory variable); these participants were grouped in the "Missing" Category of income decile for analysis, which has been done previously with CCHS data.
For each variable, I rank order the firms into 10 deciles in the ascending order of their absolute value of this difference.