decision speed

decision speed (V1)

The speed above which, in the event of a power-unit failure, takeoff must be continued and below which takeoff must be abandoned. Decision speed depends on weight and runway dimensions.
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NAJP: Decision speed and reaction time--how are they measured with the RIAS-2 and why are they important?
"The question is how do we take the data and turn it into decision speed, and create effects?
(8) Second, decision speed in warfare is itself an axis of competition.
This is about how we ensure we can get to decision speed and achieve operational agility at a speed that provides multiple dilemmas to an enemy from all domains at a speed that no adversary can match.
To reduce the abnormal selection in mobile environments, an enhanced TOPSIS with fast decision speed was proposed [17].
Therefore, in this paper, we introduce a new feature extraction method based on power projective base to classify the EEGs by combining the sequential probability ratio test (SPRT) approach to obtain a continuous dynamic estimate of brain state with accuracy and decision speed balance.
He discusses why and how our brain ages, how fast it happens (quite slowly over a long period from mid 30s to late 60s then quite rapidly with decision speed and IQ declining more rapidly than memory) and how with reducing bandwidth it becomes increasingly hard to do, remember or perceive more than one thing at a time.
According to America's Air Force: A Call to the Future, tomorrow's operational agility demands flexible, integrated multidomain operations; superior decision speed; dynamic command and control; a balanced capability mix; and performance-optimized teams.
Thus, a new form of speed emerges, namely the decision speed, which shows itself in correlation to the anticipation capacity and the reaction speed" (Rata, 2008, pag.
Using path analysis, self-efficacy was reported to be a consistent predictor of decision speed, but not of decision quality.
Fast-paced settings with rapid changes in consumer demand, uncertainty, and discontinuous outcomes are drivers of decision speed (Baum & Wally, 2003; Eisenhardt, 1989; Judge & Miller, 1991).

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