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"The course includes training and practical exercises in a wide range of topics including: battery, power distribution system, lighting systems, motors and controllers, interior communication system, galley, scullery and laundry equipment, electric damage control equipment, small boat electrical system, deck machinery equipment and shore power," PCG said.
MHI-MME provides the global maritime industry with sales and licensing of a broad lineup of marine machinery, including MET turbochargers, marine boilers and turbines, steering gears, fin stabilizers, propellers, deck cranes, and deck machinery.
NOV engineers and manufactures advanced fluids pumping, treatment and processing systems; composite piping systems; cranes and deck machinery; and sophisticated, disconnectable turret mooring systems for FPSOs and related vessels.
A CAMPAIGN has been launched to prevent commercial fishermen from being injured or killed by deck machinery whilst out at sea.
First Integrated Solutions (FIS), the Aberdeen-based provider of liing equipment services, lifeboats and marine services, plant and tooling equipment, winches and deck machinery, and crane services, has appointed Fraser Coull as its managing director.
Rolls-Royce is to deliver an extensive package of advanced deck machinery to six new high-end anchor handling tug supply vessels (AHTS) to be built by Kleven in Norway for the Danish ship owner Maersk Supply Service.
In March, CZZH brought a new manufacturing plant onstream, giving the company a production capacity in propellers of near 5,000 tonnes per year.ae1/4A ae1/4A Meanwhile, MHI-MME offers one of the most expansive line-ups of marine machinery and engines, with offerings including two-stroke low-speed engines, MET turbochargers, propellers, marine boilers and turbines, deck cranes, deck machinery, fin stabilisers and steering gears.
In 1998, Timberland acquired Almon Johnson Ltd., based out of Eatontown, New Jersey, which produced a line of marine deck machinery and winches.
(SeeNews) - Jul 8, 2014 - Brusselle Enterprises, a manufacturer of ship's deck machinery and steering gear for all types of vessels, will file for insolvency on Tuesday, local trade unions told news agency Belga on Monday after a personnel meeting.
Deck machinery includes a 400-tonne main crane and a 60-tonne auxiliary hoist.
The shipbuilding industry had an enormous influence locally through the demands for engines, boilers, deck machinery such as winches, windlasses and cranes - produced by companies such as Clarke Chapman of Gateshead - and nautical instruments from firms like James Morton & Co of Sunderland.