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"Iyung Koda nila na na-decode (Their Koda that was decoded) are nationwide coordinated...TO or tactical offensive this October 11-17, 2018," Parlade said.
[USA], Sep 11 ( ANI ): Turns out, mood variations can be decoded from neural signals in the human brain, a process that has not been demonstrated till date.
This proposal promises to radically change how movement intention is decoded, due to several reasons.
Then, the inputs are multiplied by the corresponding weights and propagated through a nonlinear activation function, which is stimulated by the process of computing syndrome s = ([s.sub.1],[s.sub.2],...,[s.sub.M-1]),[s.sub.i][member of]{0,1} to check whether the decoded vector z = ([z.sub.0],[z.sub.1],...,[z.sub.N-1]),[z.sub.i] [member of]{0,1} is the codeword.
If the decoding is successful, then the erasure insertion loop is terminated and the decoded codeword becomes the output [??].
The system collected the neural data every 100 ms from the Neuroport System buffer, extracted, and decoded features in real time on a personal computer (see Materials and Methods).
Our work is distinguished by the fact that the codes used are structural block codes completely different from that of convolutional codes and that are decoded by our iterative decoding algorithm [1] [2].
CIM([L.sub.CIM]) denotes the error performance obtained by testing the least reliable [L.sub.CIM] bits in the decoded frame.
Since the fractal coding method aims to reduce the redundancy existing among different local parts of the input image, only the images with good self-similarity can get high quality of decoded images and the quality of decoded images is determined by the self-similarity of input images.
Steve Barfield, general manager, Siglent Technologies America, explained, "All of the buses we support are triggered by hardware and decoded in software.
1960s Counterculture is a part of the Documents Decoded series, which presents primary sources alongside thoughtful, engaging, and accessible commentary that encourages readers to examine each text critically.
At the receiver RSCC and RS codes can be considered a concatenated code structure and can be decoded iteratively [15].