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Superconducting quantum circuits technology poses a series of important advantages, offering reduced decoherence and an improved scale up potential, being compatible with microwaves control circuits, operating with time scales of the nanosecond order [1].
The frisky "Decoherence" is a hilarious monologue about underwear as a measure of life's milestones and disappointments, marked by frequent harmonic changes and lightly percussive pianistic effects.
[[tau].sub.1] and [[tau].sub.2] have been introduced as the lifetimes of each state and [T.sub.d] is the decoherence time for the quantum superposition.
Hu, "Quantum fluctuations, decoherence of the mean field, and structure formation in the early Universe," Physical Review D: Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, vol.
Cold Mirror projects sorrow and cold comfort, Harnessing Wind asserts being done with cast iron alibis presents a forest of peppermint toys and asserts I'm ready now to believe, while Migration forwards assumed history revealing itself, Decoherence Through the Window leads to understanding that sometimes it's all about the window, Inanimate and meeting with the rocks in the frail hour of dusk gives way to Dark Matter Wants to be Alone which tells that relief comes in bursts of sunlight.
including the forthcoming Decoherence, which won the 42 Miles Press
For these researchers, looking for ways to least delay decoherence - thereby preserving the state of superposition that makes quantum computers so much faster than their conventional counterparts - is a key goal.
From the quantum computing perspective, the error is mostly due to local decoherence or quantum noise.
Decoherence and Biological Feasibility", en Physical Review, E 65, 2002, pp.
The main advantage of the photonic implementation of qubits is the robustness against decoherence and the availability of one-qubit operations.
Serge Haroche, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics back in 2012 for his work on atomic physics and proving quantum decoherence. Other notable lectures included Bob Frankton who co-creator of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet program; Dr.