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A heterotrophic organism (including bacteria and fungi) which breaks down the complex compounds of dead protoplasm, absorbs some decomposition products, and releases substances usable by consumers. Also known as microcomposer; microconsumer; reducer.



an apparatus that decomposes aluminate solutions in order to isolate crystalline aluminum hydroxide.

A decomposer is fitted with a mechanical stirrring device or an air mixer. A decomposer with mechanical stirring consists of a steel tank (diameter and height, 8 m), inside which a chain stirrer turns slowly in order to keep the seeding crystals in suspension. Air-stirred decomposers have come into extensive use (height, about 30 m; diameter, 8 m; available capacity, over 1,000 cu m). The stirring equipment consists of two vertical tubes along the decomposer’s axis. The inner tube, through which compressed air is sent under a pressure of 0.5 meganewtons per sq m, is 300 mm shorter than the outer one.

Air mixing with the solution forms an air-pulp mixture less dense than the pulp itself. Rising through the space between the tubes, this mixture attracts adjacent layers of pulp, mixes with them, and creates continuous upward motion of the pulp. Decomposers are connected in series (10-15 units). The aluminate solution and seeding are sent continuously to the head decomposers of each series, while the hydrated pulp is removed continuously from the tail end.


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a saprophytic organism that mineralizes dead organic matter, that is, breaks organic matter down into more or less simple inorganic compounds. The overwhelming majority of decomposers are microorganisms that live in soil and water. They belong to the group of consumers.

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Due to low decompose inorganic carbonates that are fusible salts do not melt in the furnace and corrode in the furnace.
Scientists aren't sure whether these granules ever decompose fully, and fear that their buildup in marine and terrestrial environments--and in the stomachs of wildlife--portend a bleak future compromised by plastic particles infiltrating every step in the food chain.
It would give researchers and Las Vegas police crime scene technicians a chance to study how human corpses decompose in hot, dry conditions.
The inks used to print on both materials commonly are petroleum- and solvent-based, allowing them to dry very quickly but also producing wastes that don't easily decompose.
Trash in a municipal landfill could decompose nearly 10 to 20 times faster than it normally does through a system that keeps the trash continually wet.
Then, over time, microbes snack on remnants of the aging hulk and decompose them to carbon dioxide and water.
Fuji will set up three lavatories in late June at the mountain's summit to decompose human waste, according to group officials.
Biodegradable trash can decompose with the help of a few natural elements--bacteria, water, light, and air.
Trash in a municipal landfill could decompose nearly 10 to 20 times faster through a system that keeps the trash continuously wet, new research suggests.
Still, the company doesn't discount the fact that the resins decompose completely into water and C|O.
Light, temperature, the amount of cornstarch and soil conditions all determine how fast the bags decompose.
The Net-Net SC and BG are software configurations that decompose session border control into separate signaling and media control systems for SIP sessions and are supported on both the Net-Net 4000 and 9000 series hardware platforms.