decorative arts

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decorative arts,

term referring to a variety of applied visual arts, both two- and three-dimensional, including textiles, metalwork, ceramics, books, and woodwork, as well as to certain aspects of architecture (see ornamentornament,
in architecture, decorative detail enhancing structures. Structural ornament, an integral part of the framework, includes the shaping and placement of the buttress, cornice, molding, ceiling, and roof and the capital and other elements of the column, as well as the use
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), public buildings, and private houses (see interior decorationinterior decoration,
adornment of the interior of a building, public or domestic, comprising interior architecture, finishing, and furnishings. Asian and classical cultures used the decorative arts to create elaborate interiors, and they originated forms extensively copied in
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). It is also applied to numerous household objects that have surfaces suitable for ornamental designdesign,
plan or arrangement of line, form, mass, color, and space in a pattern. A design may be created to serve a functional purpose as in architecture and in industrial designs or else purely to provide aesthetic pleasure.
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; to ecclesiastical vestments and appurtenances; and to personal apparel and belongings, including costumes, jewelry, goldwork and silverware, arms and armor, tools, saddles, and automobiles.
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The 1870s was a decade of growing interest in the Japanese decorative arts in America, engendered in part by the Centennial Exhibition of 1876 in Philadelphia, Pa.
The current exhibition will allow the participants to get acquainted with a rich and unique cultural heritage of the Turkmen people, modern fine and decorative arts of Turkmenistan and to intensify relations between the scientific communities of the two countries.
Ensuring the extension of a building permit for the implementation of the 11 geothermal wells HV-1 to HV-11 for construction of the Central Depository of Decorative Arts in Prague - the validity of the original building permit expired in June 2013.
Moreover, each region and even each country has its own unique styles of decorative arts, which emerge from their experience and express something unique about them.
The opening of the exhibit, which runs through the first week in May, coincided with the collectors' forum -- some 150 visitors -- many of whom are members of the Decorative Arts Trust.
Verging on vulgarity to the non-Victorian eye, the Century Vase was made to impress upon an American public still looking to Europe for leadership in the decorative arts that domestic manufacturers could pile on ornament with the best of them.
Collectors and renowned art and antique dealers from around the world have met in Columbus for more than 45 years to participate in the city's Decorative Arts and Preservation Forum and Antiques Show and Sale, which is organized by the Columbus/Lowndes County Convention & Visitors Bureau.
Textile, clothing, furniture, ceramic, pottery, metalwork, and jewelry fall in to decorative arts, along with other miscellaneous categories such as wood work, basketry, ivory, bone, shell, gems, toys and transport etc.
The sale took place at the Grand Palais in Paris over three days and set multiple records for Impressionist and Modern Art, 20th Century Decorative Arts, Silver, Sculpture and Works of Art.
She has left her mark as president of two Montreal museums, the Stewart Museum and the Montreal Museum of Decorative Arts.
A provider of high-end home fabrics, Baranzelli Home will move into 2,150 s/f of space in the heart of the Decorative Arts District.
Eva Zeisel: My Century" was organized by the Bard Graduate Center for Studies in the Decorative Arts, Design and Culture in conjunction with The International Art + Design Fair, 1900-2007.