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(computer science)
A specific part of an instruction word in some binary computers, thus a set of digits.
For a counter, to subtract 1 or some other number from the current value.
The quantity by which a variable is decreased.
The ratio of the amplitudes of an underdamped harmonic motion during two successive oscillations. Also known as damping factor; numerical decrement.



the weakening of an excitation according to the extent of its distribution along a nerve or muscle fiber.

In normal nerve and skeletal-muscle (striated) fibers of vertebrate animals, an excitation or, specifically, its electrical component—the activity potential—conforms to the so-called all-or-none rule—that is, it arises only after the stimulus attains threshold intensity; once it arises, it is distributed further without decrement. In certain tissues (for example, in many arthropod muscles) excitation is distributed with decrement even under normal conditions. According to the membrane theory of excitation, nondecremental conduction of excitation is converted to decremental conduction in all cases when there is a decrease in regenerative depolarization, which is basic for the formation of the activity potential. This takes place, for example, when a nerve or muscle is under the influence of anesthetics or narcotics and when there is cessation of blood circulation.


Katz, B. Nerv, myshtsa i sinaps. Moscow, 1968. (Translated from English.)



To subtract a number from another number. Decrementing a counter means to subtract 1 or some other number from its current value.
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The traffic may be configured in streams of packets containing incrementing, decrementing or random MAC addresses.
StarWarp enables programmers to create test data for year 2000 conversion projects by automating the process of incrementing, decrementing, or expanding field size for day, month, year, and century fields.
The LASERGATE System will control the ticketing and general admission functions, using a decrementing "Pay As You Go" debit ticket function, similar to the LASERGATE System installed at Knott's Camp Snoopy in the Mall of the Americas in Bloomington, Minn.